Friday, August 03, 2007 Mike Vick...bad news and how to bounce back Mike Vick...bad news and how to bounce back

Mike Vick...bad news and how to bounce back

Everyday u learn something new... This blog is being typed on my moto the iPhone but Moto is home inspired and we love home

Mike Vick...bad news So Mike Vick's Co-D is copping out. BAD news for Vick. Those on the right tend to follow PETA and typical GOP propaganda...(See Bill O'Reilly and Twista) How could this (Black) guy be so inhumane and fight a dogs-all while earning millions as an Athlete and with corporate endorsements. sorry for ya. For every minority athlete/entertainer that is tried and found guilty in the media...We have dozens of examples of those that don't run afoul of the law. A personal friend Dwayne Wade comes to mind. He is both an inspiration and good sport.

Mike Vick should by no means be simply "let off", and I'm quite sure he undertsands why. Vick its your home, denying culpability is not an option.

But would his punishment come close to fitting the crime (Loss of his livihood, endorsements etc).


And for that reason I say Vick's best defense might be going on offense (minus the picks). Come out and acknowlede your role in the matter...Have your lawyers push for probation- money talks right?

Apologize and mean it from your soul...None of God's creatures deserve to be treated poorly.

Aknowledge that and mean it from your heart.

Might sound crazy but refocus on football and coming back...because everybody loves a winner!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shop Boys - Party Like A Rock Star

Party Like a Rock Star

Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Friday, November 17, 2006

To the critics of Office Live, plus some good ideas for MS

Hi this was my reply to a guy that complained about MS's office can view his post here.

I have to respectfully disagree with the gentlemen above for a few reasons. While common sense usually trumps reality, I think we may have missed the point a bit. From MS's standpoint, it was a gamble going into this market and evening having a free offering. True, Microsoft does have deep pockets which only adds to expectations. Please understand that those "that move up in the line" are not exactly in front of us. An email stated there would be some problems with logging in and such, it is only natural to expect MS to stay in business for all other newcomers. It was indeed a new release for the public, not so much as the beta testers :). I have posted in the forums previously and have shared many of the same frustrations as every other OL user. In most cases ingenuity has trumped MS's shortcomings...You can't really expect everything handed to you on a silver platter can you? Flunked Business 101? To quote,
"Microsoft Corp. today announced first quarter revenue of $10.81 billion for the period ended September 30, 2006, an 11% increase over the same quarter of the prior year" (

I tend to think they get some things right and some things they miss on like most businesses, including Google. This was a hit. I truly hope microst will increase their offerings, this means offering true e-commerce capability. The ingenuity of many has trumped this looming obstacle. All you need to is look in the forums and in many cases the information you need is right there. The solutions that they provide for "business" has allowed businesses with 10 or fewer employees to get online and supplement their existing businesses and in my case, start one.

Secondly, there is a huge step between basics and essentials. The site reporting alone is worth the extra expense. I have also taken advantage of the extra email addresses to grow and promote my site.

So where does Microsoft drop the ball? AdCenter should be a more integral part of Office Live. If your're going to charge people to host their sites online-at least understand where synergies are and take advantage of them. AdCenter is one and Microsoft Small Business Center is another. A purchase of Check Free to add e-commerce capability might be a good look ( Whats the use in having thousands of basic sites that offer just a hope of upgrading? Honestly, I didn't feel compelled to upgrade because Essentials lacked e-commerce capability.

I hope that this comment reaches someone that can address the issues. Until next time folks, lets give MS our support!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pelosi and the Democrats and Political Capital

Ok, the last couple days have been crazy. Last tuesday, I got to meet Rod Blagojevich at his victory rally...which was something that I'd dreamed about a week before. Dont ask me why I dreamed of meeting him of all people, I just did. Maybe it had something to do with him providing health insurance for all children or maybe his plan to raise minimum wage. To see that dream come to reality was really refreshing! I was so elated that dems won after being losing the last few elections. Middle of the road Americans finally realized the Republican congress and Bush weren't cutting it. What took so long? No the democrats have "Political Capital" as Bush likes to say...what will they do with it? If the rift between John Murtha and Steny Hoyer is any indication-very little. I have no taste for democratic in fighting, especially considering we elected them without a real plan for Iraq or America, for that matter. On the flip side, pundits have suggested Pelosi runs a tight ship, So perhaps Murtha as her number two man might be good. However, I think Hoyer would help keep the party just left of center...exactly where I like us.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A good time to be an entrepreneur? I'll tell you why

The talk now-a-days is politics and I admit, I talk it too. Why? Because it is relevant plus the wool has been pulled over our eyes previously. While watching that however, do not forget to tune into the technological revolution that is occurring around us. True, when you live by the sword, you die by the sword-technology and globalization has helped outsource thousands of Americans jobs.

Alternatively, it has leveled the playing field dramatically for smaller players and entrepreneurs. For example, Microsoft has taken the lead in allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to get online for free (self is hosted Microsoft's Office Live). A good gamble considering the decreasing costs of storage and hosting and MS's billions. MS for its part seems to miss the Web 2.0 aspect in it's offerings. Still it is a great starting point.

It makes even more sense when you consider the popularity of "social networking" sites that are essentially dressed up personal marketing vehicles. Was that over-the-top? Consider Myspace, which has been besieged by right wing conservatives for it's lack of sex offender controls in regards to minors is still populated with marketers pushing adult sites?

Ahhh...capitalism at it's best, or maybe at its worst? What does that mean for you? Free (cheap) hosting and free (cheap) marketing. Take advantage by making friends on social networking sites and leveraging the relationships you develop. I can go on and on, but I'm sure you get my point...

Till next time